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Peakmaster Snowshoe T30

Robust snowshoe made of rigid aluminium with extra tough and snow-repellent Hypalon decking and steel crampons for perfect traction.
Product number: K6576-10-UNI
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Peakmaster Snowshoe T30
Sizes T30 - up to 120 kg (incl. baggage)
bindings available in:
S: shoe size 36 - 40
M: shoe size 41 - 45
L: shoe size: 44 - 45
weight: 975 grams/piece
  • durable and snow-repellent Hypalon decking
  • anodized high performance aluminium frame
  • steel front claw and crampons made of stainless steel, placed underneath ball and heel provide perfect traction
  • easy step-in bindings, stable strap system, suitable for any shoe size and normal outdoor shoe wear, extra firm hold
  • heel lift
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