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Unique & only from us!

We not only stand for outstanding, innovative products made in Austria, but also
for a unique service - because we do not only want to satisfy our customers, we want to inspire them!
That's why we are the only manufacturer worldwide with direct customer service.

3 Years Service
Komperdell Camaro Production


we repair your pole / snowshoe, no matter what happened and from where you come. Without any questions, directly to the manufacturer, works with every country. ATTENTION! Our 3-Year warranty only applies on touring- and trekking poles and snowshoes (purchased from 2019).

Komperdell Camaro Production


No receipt is necessary, uncomplicated and without questions where the pole / snowshoe was
bought or what happened, you get the pole / snowshoe back within 24 hours.

Komperdell Camaro Production

Are there any questions left?

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our team.

E-Mail: sales@komperdell.com
Tel: +43 6232 4201 0

Why are we offering our repair service?

Responsible approach to our environment

For us, sustainability means a conscious, long-term approach to our environment - to nature and, above all, to our customers.

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Once Komperdell- for ever Komperdell

The love for our customers is our highest asset.Our products are characterized by the pursuit of the highest quality.

Save Money

Why  should  you buy a new product when you can get a fast, free of charge and most important, 3-year repair service from Komperdell.

Love for the customer

The love for our customers is our asset
 we do not only want to satisfy them, we want to inspire them!
Our team take care of a fast, uncomplicated handling, so that you are ready for your next adventure right away!


Your pole / snowshoe will be back with you within 24h and ready for your next adventure!