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Stiletto Expedition

The ideal companion for intensive touring days - unique length adjustment at the push of a button in combination with the foldable lower part and the extended grip zone. The length adjustment makes it adaptable for all situations and slope inclinations.
Product number: K1842002-2-140
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Stiletto Expedition
Sizes weight: 335g
packed size: 62cm
130cm, adjustable from 105 - 130cm
140cm, adjustable from 115 - 140cm
  • Stiletto 400 grip - extremely grippy, extended grip zone, provides quick and effortless movement in the backcountry without the need of re-adjusting pole length
  • Ergo Strap - pleasant wearing comfort, size adjustment by velcro
  • ice-flex basket - moveable basket system, adapts up to 28° to the slope inclination
  • upper part: titanal. HF
    lower part: carbon
FAQ "Stiletto Expedition"
Ice flank plate
Exchange tip
Care Instruction

Dry and clean your poles after usage. Always store your telescopic poles in the non-fixed setting! Never use lubricants on or in the shaft or on the locking system! Attention:
Do not use pole if extended beyond the maximum length mark.

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